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Trinity Performance Minerals
Trinity Performance Minerals

Wire and Cable

ALTIFIL™ is electrically neutral and chemically inert, making it ideal for use in wire cabling. ALTIFIL™ offers improved performance with its improved electrical and mechanical properties and improved fire resistance, due to its poor thermal conductivity and high melting temperature. Low metal impurities provide the required levels of insulating. It also provides good tensile strength and is tear resistant, which extends the life of the final product.


Pyrophyllite is a key component in the production of high-quality fiberglass, where its exceptional heat resistance and low thermal expansion help create durable and fire-resistant materials.


In the plastics industry, pyrophyllite serves as a functional filler and processing aid, improving the mechanical properties and heat stability of various plastic products.


Pyrophyllite’s presence in agriculture includes its use as an anti-caking agent and moisture barrier in feed pre-mixes, enhancing the flowability and effectiveness of agricultural products.


In ceramics, pyrophyllite is employed to manufacture high-temperature porcelain and whiteware, ensuring consistent and robust finished products in kiln firing processes.


Pyrophyllite’s versatility extends to the paint and coatings industry, where it acts as an extender and corrosion-resistant pigment, enhancing the performance of coatings and paints.