Trinity Performance Minerals


ALTIBLOCK™ anti-blocking additives offer the performance of a diatomaceous earth (DE), Nepheline Syenite (NS), and talc all-in-one. They are engineered to provide optimum clarity and low blocking force, while reducing haze in polyolefin films. The high brightness, high aspect ratio, unique particle morphology, refractive index, and low moisture content coupled with the ease of dispersion make ALTIBLOCK™ comparable to the best anti-block products. With lower hardness than a DE or NS, ALTIBLOCK™ reduces machine wear for masterbatch producers and the low iron content reduces organic degradation even more than the best talcs on the market.


ALTIBLOCK™ exhibits unique characteristics:

  • Aluminum silicate chemistry
  • Unique morphology of particle shapes
  • Iron content < 0.25% eliminates cross linking of gels
  • Low moisture content significantly reduces venting problems
  • Refractive index closer to Nepheline Syenite than any other anti-block mineral
  • Lower COF values when compared to other anti-block products
  • Reduced interference with slip additives compared to other products
  • pH close to neutral reduces interactions with other additives
  • Non-migratory properties when compared to organic ester-based anti-blocks
  • Provides positive interactions with slip additives, lowers abrasiveness and reduces processing costs without the need for special surface treatments


ALTIBLOCK™ products have FDA and Health Canada approvals for use in food contact applications, are REACH compliant to meet all requirements for EU regulations and are suitable for use as a filler and pigment dispersant in food contact polymers. They are available in 5, 6, 7 and 9-micron median sizes (measured on a Malvern Mastersizer 2000).

Trinity Performance Minerals