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Corporate Governance

Compliance: Trinity will lead the industry sector with aggressive carbon footprint reduction plans and address environmental issues. The core of Trinity’s ESG platform is our zero-waste process flow sheet, which is unparalleled in the mining industry. With over 90% of Newfoundland and Labrador’s energy supplied through hydro-generated power, Trinity’s operations will be ranked among the top mining operations globally. To achieve this, we will be adopting an annual campaign to support biodiversity in the region. Through extensive product and market development, Trinity has also found that our products provide additional carbon reduction opportunities, such as the light-weighting of plastics in automobiles, reduction of energy consumption in fiberglass and cement, lower emissions, and the ability to reduce TiO2 usage in paints and coatings.

Risk Management: All risks are reviewed and mitigated across all areas of the business. As well, all suppliers are assessed to ensure ethical practices and responsible purchasing are used in operations. Trinity’s proprietary process flow sheet generates zero waste by-products and doesn’t use chemicals. Trinity provides sustainable engineered performance minerals that will allow end users to reach their development targets in utilization.

Sustainability: Trinity is committed to prioritizing environmental management and protection for all mining related activities. Environmental awareness is an integral part of Trinity’s ESG Platform to ensure a sustainable multi-generational operation. Most mining operations do not have the capability to produce without waste or impact to the natural environment. Trinity does not use any reagents in our milling process, nor do we produce any toxic by-products. Using our state-of-the-art proprietary production process, 100% of our mined ore is turned into a usable product. Sustainability is embedded in our business and Trinity’s everyday actions work towards generating positive impacts on society and the environment.

Quality Control: Trinity is committed to producing quality mineral products for our clients by meeting and exceeding all customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements. We strive for excellence in our daily actions and push for continued improvement of both our products and our processes. Trinity has a modern quality assurance laboratory equipped with the latest technology equipment in the mining industry. Each step of the process, from mine to market, is sampled and analyzed at multiple stages to ensure our product integrity.

ISO 9001:2015: Trinity is working towards ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Our goal is to provide optimal pyrophyllite products for our customer’s applications while providing exceptional customer service, aimed at building long-term loyalty and mutual success. As such, product integrity and overall quality are very important to us. Our quality management system provides the foundation for continual improvement across all stages of our company and adds credibility to what we do every day for our customers. We value quality, consistency, and accountability, and take pride in being adaptable to our customer’s unique and ever-changing needs.

Trinity Performance Minerals