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Pyrophyllite has unique properties ideally suited for the cosmetics industry as a safe, asbestos-free alternative to talc. With a Mohs hardness of 1-2, the soft, smooth feel of pyrophyllite powder with its chemical inertness and bright white color make it ideal as a base in various face and body powders. In addition, the hydrophobic properties of pyrophyllite allows the powder to stick to skin and prevents the absorption of sweat. Trinity uses the highest purity, whitest, brightest pyrophyllite for cosmetics applications, with extremely low levels of impurities.


Pyrophyllite is a key component in commercial production of E-Glass fibers, which enables the elimination of sand in the batch and improves batch-to-melt conversion efficiency and lowers conversion energy.


Trinity offers a high brightness, high aspect ratio product that replaces talc as a reinforcing additive for strength.


Pyrophyllite’s presence in agriculture includes its use as an anti-caking agent and moisture barrier in feed pre-mixes, enhancing the flowability and effectiveness of agricultural products.


In ceramics, pyrophyllite is employed to manufacture high-temperature porcelain and whiteware, ensuring consistent and robust finished products in kiln firing processes.


Pyrophyllite’s versatility extends to the paint and coatings industry, where it acts as an extender and corrosion-resistant pigment, enhancing the performance of coatings and paints.