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Trinity Performance Minerals is committed to prioritizing environmental management and protection for all mining related activities. Environmental awareness is an integral part of Trinity’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Platform to ensure a sustainable multi-generational operation.

Most mining operations do not have the capability to produce without waste or impact to the natural environment. Trinity does not use any reagents in our milling process, nor do we produce any toxic by-products. Using our state-of-the-art proprietary production process, 100% of our mined ore is turned into a usable product

Sustainability is embedded in our business and Trinity’s everyday actions work towards generating positive impacts on society and the environment.


Caring for our Planet

Empowering our People

Building for the Future


Caring for our Planet:

  • Protecting the environment,
  • Reducing carbon footprint,
  • Undertaking a mandate to have a net zero platform by 2024
  • Preserving biodiversity
  • Acting on climate change

Empowering our People:

  • Ensuring our employees and their families stay healthy and safe,
  • Nurturing talent,
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion,
  • Fostering social dialogue and
  • Safeguarding human rights

Building for the Future:

  • Engaging with the local community
  • Behaving ethically
  • Ensuring responsible purchasing,
  • Promoting sustainable products and technologies

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