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Trinity Performance Minerals
Trinity Performance Minerals


In the automotive industry, the quality and performance of materials used are of paramount importance. Our products are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of this sector, ensuring that vehicles are built to the highest standards of excellence.

One of our key products is ALTIBRIGHT™, a versatile mineral filler that is ideal for various automotive applications. ALTIBRIGHT™ provides permanent expansion, excellent reheat stability, low hot load deformation, low reversible thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, low shrinkage, and high resistance to molten ingress. These attributes are crucial for automotive components exposed to high temperatures, ensuring their long-term durability and performance.

Our commitment to quality extends to the purity of our ores, which are exceptionally high in quality. They are hydrophobic, non-abrasive, asbestos-free, and contain low levels of impurities, including iron oxide and calcium. These attributes enhance dimensional stability and provide resistance to UV degradation.

ALTIBRIGHT™ products are high aspect ratio, platy talc alternatives that offer excellent reinforcement properties, enhanced corrosion resistance, increased tensile strength, improved wear and impact resistance, and contributes to increased thermal and creep resistance. Additionally, they promote nucleation and create a uniform pore structure, which is beneficial for various automotive applications.

Trinity offers a wide range of possibilities for the automotive industry. Our high-quality mineral solutions are designed to improve the performance and properties of automotive components, making them more resilient, visually appealing, and suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.


Pyrophyllite is a key component in commercial production of E-Glass fibers, which enables the elimination of sand in the batch and improves batch-to-melt conversion efficiency and lowers conversion energy.


Trinity offers a high brightness, high aspect ratio product that replaces talc as a reinforcing additive for strength.


Pyrophyllite’s presence in agriculture includes its use as an anti-caking agent and moisture barrier in feed pre-mixes, enhancing the flowability and effectiveness of agricultural products.


In ceramics, pyrophyllite is employed to manufacture high-temperature porcelain and whiteware, ensuring consistent and robust finished products in kiln firing processes.


Pyrophyllite’s versatility extends to the paint and coatings industry, where it acts as an extender and corrosion-resistant pigment, enhancing the performance of coatings and paints.