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Paints and Coatings

ALTICOAT™ products are high brightness, versatile, multifunctional mineral pigment additives that offer cost-effective, durable, pigment-extending alternatives to other materials. The platy, high aspect ratio structure improves barrier protection and opacity. They are ideal for architectural and industrial water-based and solvent-based paints and primers. As an extender, pyrophyllite increases the volume of paint when mixed with the product, increases resistance to film cracking, promotes dispersion and helps the paint film dry.

Pyrophyllite’s platy structure, high refractive index, soft and smooth nature, chemical inertness, mechanical strength and white color are all highly desirable in paint production. Also, the fine fibers of pyrophyllite suspend the primary pigment particles long enough to apply the paint when brushing. Because of this, the result is a lustrous, smooth, bright appearance of the painted surface.

Benefits include:

  • Improved mechanical and optical properties
  • Improved production processes, sanding of primer and paint layers
  • Ease of application, storage and handling of paint
  • Flattening effects in conventional solvent-based coatings
  • Prevents aging and cracking of paint layers
  • Increases water resistance and covering quality of coatings
  • Performs as white pigment extenders to lower raw material cost, adding benefits to wood coatings, gel coats, color concentrates, inks, adhesives, sealants and putties
  • Provides corrosion resistance, barrier properties and can be a TiO2 extender

Applications in paints and coatings include architectural and decorative paints, industrial paints, wood coatings, color concentrations, gel coats, interior latex paints, primers, wall paints, exterior paints, stucco paints and traffic paints.


Pyrophyllite is a key component in commercial production of E-Glass fibers, which enables the elimination of sand in the batch and improves batch-to-melt conversion efficiency and lowers conversion energy.


Trinity offers a high brightness, high aspect ratio product that replaces talc as a reinforcing additive for strength.


Pyrophyllite’s presence in agriculture includes its use as an anti-caking agent and moisture barrier in feed pre-mixes, enhancing the flowability and effectiveness of agricultural products.


In ceramics, pyrophyllite is employed to manufacture high-temperature porcelain and whiteware, ensuring consistent and robust finished products in kiln firing processes.


Pyrophyllite’s versatility extends to the paint and coatings industry, where it acts as an extender and corrosion-resistant pigment, enhancing the performance of coatings and paints.