Trinity Performance Minerals


ALTICOAT™ products have superior brightness, high aspect ratio, low iron content, and controlled particle sizing for easy dispersion. They provide great opacity, side sheen and gloss control, great tint strength and washability, and have excellent scrub, burnish and UV resistance. ALTICOAT™ can also be used as a TiO2 extender. ALTICOAT™ median particle sizing typically ranges from 2micron to 4micron, and Hegman ranges from 4 to 6.

Trinity also offers a coarser ALTICOAT™ 1000 product that is specifically engineered with a morphology that combines a fine aluminum silicate clay component with the abrasion resistance of silica, making it ideal in exterior stucco applications. Absent of carbonates, ALTICOAT™ 1000 is not affected from air pollutants, and with very high wet brightness, it can provide broader application base in both scratch coats and finish coats.



  • Interior latex paints
  • Primers
  • Wall paints
  • Exterior paints
  • Stucco Paints (EIFS)
  • Traffic Paints
  • Industrial coatings
Trinity Performance Minerals