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One of the key benefits of incorporating ALTIFIL™ and ALTIPLUS™ into rubber formulations is their ability to reduce the viscosity of rubber compounds. This reduction in viscosity is instrumental in the processing of molded rubber parts, making it easier to shape and mold products efficiently. This property is particularly valuable in the production of various rubber components.

Our platy fillers enhance the processability of rubber, contributing to improved mechanical properties in the final products. This includes greater tear resistance and superior mechanical characteristics, ensuring the durability and reliability of rubber goods in a wide range of applications.

ALTIFIL™ and ALTIPLUS™ also excel in enhancing rubber’s permeability, weathering, and electrical properties. These advantages make them suitable for use in various rubber products that require resilience against environmental factors, as well as specific electrical properties.

Applications for ALTIFIL™ and ALTIPLUS™ in the rubber industry are diverse and include hoses, seals, fire-resistant cables, automotive tires, industrial mechanical goods, and more. Their contribution to fire resistance is particularly noteworthy, making them ideal for applications where safety and durability are paramount.

The versatility of ALTIFIL™ and ALTIPLUS™ extends beyond their functional properties to their role as dusting and mold release agents. These products aid in the efficient production of rubber goods by reducing sticking and adhesion issues during molding processes.

At Trinity Performance Minerals, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance the rubber industry’s efficiency and performance. Our ALTIFIL™ and ALTIPLUS™ products offer a multitude of benefits, making them valuable additives for a wide range of rubber applications. Join us in exploring the possibilities of these versatile additives to elevate the quality and durability of rubber products in your industry.