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ALTIBRIGHT™ products are engineered to enhance plastics across multiple sectors, including nylon, polyurethane, polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene, phenolic, polyethylene, and thermoset polyesters. These versatile additives cater to the diverse needs of the plastics industry, ensuring compatibility with a broad spectrum of materials.

One of the standout features of ALTIBRIGHT™ is its very high dry brightness, which typically ranges from 92 to 96 (depending on particle size). This exceptional brightness makes our products an ideal choice for natural and color-sensitive applications, contributing to the visual and functional appeal of the end products.

Our commitment to quality extends to the purity of our ores, which are exceptionally high in quality. They are hydrophobic, non-abrasive, and contain low levels of iron oxide and calcium. These attributes enhance dimensional stability and provide resistance to UV degradation, ensuring the longevity of plastic products.

The benefits of incorporating ALTIBRIGHT™ into plastics are manifold. These additives offer excellent reinforcement properties, enhance corrosion resistance, increase tensile strength, improve wear and impact resistance, and contribute to increased thermal and creep resistance. In addition, they promote nucleation and create a uniform pore structure in polystyrene foam, reduce shrinkage in injection molding, increase stiffness (flex modulus), and improve dimensional and heat stability.

ALTIBRIGHT™ products also enhance the heat deflection characteristics of plastics, expanding their suitability for high-temperature applications.

Our innovative products are engineered for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you work in the automotive, electronics, garden furniture, household appliances, pipe manufacturing, recycled plastics, or wood plastic composites, ALTIBRIGHT™ offers the performance and properties needed to elevate your products and processes.

At Trinity Performance Minerals, we are dedicated to delivering high-performance solutions that enhance the plastics industry’s efficiency, durability, and performance. Our ALTIBRIGHT™ products are designed to revolutionize the plastics industry, offering a multitude of benefits for various applications.