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At Trinity Performance Minerals, we understand the importance of environmentally responsible and sustainable building practices. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the high standards required in the construction and building materials industry.

One of our key products is ALTICOAT™, a versatile mineral pigment that is ideal for architectural and decorative paints used in construction. ALTICOAT™ offers exceptional properties and advantages for coatings that are applied to building exteriors and interiors. This product enhances the mechanical and optical properties of coatings, contributing to superior and visually appealing surfaces.

ALTICOAT™ also serves as a white pigment extender, which has the added benefit of lowering raw material costs, making it a cost-effective choice for building materials. Additionally, it can be used as a TiO2 extender, providing versatility in applications where the cost of titanium dioxide is a concern.

Building materials must meet stringent requirements for durability, longevity, and environmental sustainability. Trinity Performance Minerals is committed to providing mineral solutions that enhance the performance of building materials and contribute to sustainable construction practices.

Our products are engineered to meet the needs of various building applications, including architectural paints, industrial coatings, exterior and interior wall finishes, flooring materials, and roofing products. These applications require exceptional performance and durability to ensure the long-lasting integrity of buildings and structures.

With ALTICOAT™ and our other mineral products, Trinity Performance Minerals offers a wide range of possibilities for the construction and building materials industry. Our high-quality mineral solutions are designed to improve the performance and properties of building materials, making them more resilient, visually appealing, and suitable for a broad spectrum of building projects.