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ALTICOAT™ is renowned for its versatility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of coatings applications. It offers several noteworthy benefits that enhance both the mechanical and optical properties of coatings, leading to the production of superior, visually appealing surfaces.

One of the advantages of ALTICOAT™ is its capacity to improve production processes by facilitating the sanding of primer and paint layers. This ease of application and enhanced process efficiency is a significant asset in the coatings industry, leading to smoother and more efficient operations.

ALTICOAT™ also imparts flattening effects in conventional solvent-based coatings, contributing to the evenness and quality of the final surfaces. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in preventing aging and cracking of paint layers, ensuring the longevity and durability of coatings.

The product’s ability to increase water resistance and covering quality of coatings is a vital feature for coatings designed to withstand environmental elements. This property makes ALTICOAT™ an excellent choice for applications where coatings need to maintain their integrity over time.

ALTICOAT™ serves as a white pigment extender, which has the added benefit of lowering raw material costs, contributing to cost-effective coatings production. In addition, it can be used as a TiO2 extender, which is valuable in situations where the cost of titanium dioxide is a concern.

Applications for ALTICOAT™ in paints and coatings are diverse and include architectural and decorative paints, industrial paints, wood coatings, color concentrations, gel coats, interior latex paints, primers, wall paints, exterior paints, stucco paints, and traffic paints. Its multifunctional capabilities make it a valuable addition to coatings formulations in various industries.

At Trinity Performance Minerals, we are dedicated to delivering high-performance solutions that enhance the coatings industry’s efficiency, durability, and visual appeal. Our ALTICOAT™ products are designed to revolutionize the coatings industry, offering a multitude of benefits for various applications.